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Women Weight Lifting Exercises

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Women can also do weight lifting exercises

There are 2 things that would prevent the females for including weight lifting exercises in their gym routine –

- The first one is the fear of being unfeminine and over developed.

- Second is that they believe that they have to be a part of weight lifting fitness centre to do this.

Awesome news is these two are not true.

We shall explain this in detail below:

The females that you have seen on the Muscle Magazine are been under the weight coaching for few years, and these females do a superior specific diet and they stick on to it for achieving lots of muscle mass.

So, unless you are reading the similar materials, spending same amount of time at the gym and having similar supplement cocktail like Laura Creavalle - the female Queen of muscle, do not fear to add on some weight lifting exercises specially for females in order to tone their body and be strong as well as sexy.

What is even better that you don’t need to join the fitness centre. There are numerous types of weight training programs that could be performed correctly at home, utilising the combination of low priced dumbbells which are availed at many store which have sports related products and workout regularly.

Listed here are some workouts with which you can begin –

The first among the weight lifting exercises is Biceps. In this, stand straight along with the feet and shoulder width apart, with the dumbbells at the sides and palms faced to the hips. Keep the elbows in, then lift dumbbells to the shoulders. If you require utilise the body to finish the lift, in case the dumbbells are extremely heavy. Catch them in upward lift position then gradually lower your dumbbells and bring them back to the previous position from where you started.

The next in the weight lifting exercises is Triceps. Here also you have to start in the same position as you had done above, but there is a bit difference 1 hand on your hip and other hand high above the head arm bent, along with your dumbbells held back of your head. Next, with making no movement of the arm from your shoulder to your elbow, lift your dumbbells up unless the arm is perfectly straight and be in this position for about 5 seconds prior to lowering them gradually and bring them to back of your head.

The third one in the weight lifting exercises is shoulders exercise. Take the similar position as you had taken when starting the biceps exercise, inclusive of rest position of dumbbell. But here instead of raising the arms, you have to lift the shoulders and roll them gradually.

Back exercise is the fourth weight lifting exercise. Here also the starting position should be same as like the biceps exercise, however here you will keep the palms faced towards the hips because you will raise the arms, fully straight, equal to the position of the shoulder and arms would be so equivalent that it would look like wings and you are going to fly of. Be in this position for some time and gradually bring the arms back to its position.  

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