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Weight Lifting Factors

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Weight Lifting Regimen Tips

Two factors to consider for an effective weight lifting regimen:

1) Are you getting enough rest?

Overtraining is possibly the number one reason why most people stall out in their progress to massive strength and size. Itís impossible to tell what constitutes overtraining for any one person without knowing their workout history, their progress in the gym, their nutrition, etc. However there are some basic rules of thumb to train by. If youíre hitting the weights 6-7 days a week, thatís probably too much. If youíre pushing every set in your weight lifting regimen to failure, thatís definitely too much. And if your gains are stalling for weeks at a time, or youíre getting injured or sick often (like, once every couple of months or more frequently) then overtraining is very likely the culprit.

If you feel youíre overtrained, take at least a week completely away from the gym Ė possibly even two. When you get back to it, peel back the frequency, intensity or duration of your workouts until youíre gaining solidly once more.

2) Are you eating enough?

One of the reasons most peopleís weight lifting regimen fails to produce results is they simply arenít eating right. Adding mass or strength is a tough process for your body, and itís only going to dedicate resources to the task if thereís more than enough spare. That means being in caloric surplus most days (eating more than youíre burning off) and also, having a positive nitrogen balance throughout the day (e.g. having more protein being converted to muscle fibre than vice versa).

Diet is often the factor that most new trainees donít get right for up to a year or two in to their training. It pays to eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day with protein in each. How you stack your carbs depends on your goals, but a good rule of thumb is to eat your carbs early (breakfast, brunch and lunch) and taper them off as the day goes on. Also, a pre-bedtime meal of protein and veggies is great for preserving muscle while you sleep.

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