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Strength Training For Female Athletes

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There have been countless studies done on the difference between men and womenís muscles. Even today these studies continue but still there is no conclusive proof that the muscles of a man respond any differently to weight training than women.

All of these studies show that the strength to power ratio of a womenís muscle is the same as a men. The difference is simply in size and of the average male body and the average female body with the women having smaller muscle fibres because they have smaller muscles.

If compared unit for unit against each other the male and female muscle tissue is capable of the same force output as the other. The results of these different studies show us that the training with weights for a female athlete will get the same or similar results found in men athletes.

Over the last 30 years the advantage of strength training has proved itself many times over in menís athletics and sports. Although there have only been a few women coaches over the years that have insisted their students do weight training, it continues to prove itself.

The proof comes in the results that are shown, whether it be an improvement in performance by throwing or jumping higher or faster or improvement of technique from increased muscle endurance. The additional use of weight training for female athletes shows itself to get impressive results.

Obviously it is very sport specific but that is the advantage of weight training as it can be effectively used to increase core strength but also to increase the strength of specific isolated muscles. Generally the basic level of weight training needs to be accomplished first before any isolation is done to improve an athleteís performance.

Training with weights or strength training for female athletes will also provide beneficial changes to in the bone generally plus it will help to reduce body-fat. A major advantage in the training of an athlete is also the self-concept that will improve in women.

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