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Hockey Strength Training

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Strength Training for Hockey

By Supplement Source

People who play hockey know they are competing in a very physical game that is extremely fast-paced. To be successful, a person's body must have well-developed power and strength. This requires regular strength training. This is essential for a person's hockey playing abilities to improve. It can also help prevent injury.

Hips and Legs

Being able to explode with speed and power requires a hockey player to develop strength in their lower-body. An exercise to to help this involves sitting on foam rollers. A person's body is perpendicular. Their left leg is over their right knee. It's then time to roll back and forth on the foam. This will cause a sense of pressure on the left glutes. This should be done several times. The legs should then be switched.


Having a strong midsection is important. It enables hockey players to move force from the lower parts of their body to the upper part. This makes is possible for them to do quick athletic moves when necessary. The midsection can be strengthened by doing a trunk curl. A person needs to place their had behind their head while laying with their back on the floor. They then move their back up until the muscles in the midsection are fully contracted. After this is held for a few seconds, they can relax and lay back down. This needs to be done slowly and in a controlled manner. Repetitions can be increased over time.


It is important for players to always have a good grip on their hockey stick. This will lead to excellent puck control as well as shot power and accuracy. One exercise that is effective for this is called the farmer's walk. It requires a person to grab a pair of heavy dumbbells or even kettlebells. Once they are lifted, a person must hold them and walk from one end of a gym to the other. This should be done until holding them is a struggle.


Proper strength training will also help a hockey player with their endurance. They will be able to play longer and avoid problems with fatigue. An exercise that helps build endurance is skater stride. A person needs to put an elastic band above both their knees. They then spread their legs so they can feel the tension. Quickly move a leg to one side and then bring it back, while still maintaining the same level of tension. Once this is done with both legs, it is one rep. A person should start with a dozen reps and increase as they are able.

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