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Powerlifting Basics

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What is Powerlifting?

When people first hear about powerlifting a lot of them think of weightlifting. Weightlifting or as it is sometimes called 'Olympic lifting' is the sport that is represented in the Olympics. It comprises two overhead lifts the snatch and the clean and jerk. Powerlifting is not in the Olympics. There are many reasons for this (which are beyond the scope is this brief introduction).

Powerlifting comprises three lifts; squat (or sometimes known as the deep knee bend), bench press and dead lift.

SQUAT : The lifter takes the weighted bar from the uprights of the supporting rack. When 'set', the lifter receives a signal to 'squat', where he descends until the hip joint is lower than the top of the knees, The lifter then returns to an upright position. When the lifter receives the signal to 'rack', the bar is returned to the uprights.

BENCH PRESS: While lying on his back the lifter removes a weighted bar from the upright supports of the bench and lowers the bar to the chest. When the bar is stationary a signal is given to 'press' the bar. At which point the lifter presses the bar to full arm's length and the weight is held. A signal is given to 'rack' the weight and the bar is returned to the uprights.

DEAD LIFT: A weighted bar is placed on the floor in front of the lifter. The lifter bends over and grasps the bar with both hands and stands up with the weight.When the lifter is completely upright and signal 'down' is given and the bar is lower (with control) to the floor.

TOTAL: Each lifter is given three attempts at each of the above disciplines. The heaviest weight lifted in each goes towards a total. The lifter in each weight class with the highest total is the winner.

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