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5 Ways to Help You Improve Training Intensity in the Gym

When working out in the gym, have you ever had days where, no matter how much you want to, you simply canít seem to get into the swing of things and just canít seem to get motivated or energized in order to train.

Rather than throwing the iron around with the vigour of a thousand men, you instead struggle to get the weight up, perform as few reps as possible, and then spend the next few minutes resting, wishing it was time to go home.

This is not productive, it isnít enjoyable, and it can leave you feeling demoralized and deflated.

You donít want to be a tired, lethargic, weakened individual, you want to be an energized, powerhouse with the energy and strength of a thousand men.

Ok, perhaps thatís a slight exaggeration, but when it comes to working out, training intensity is most definitely the key to success.

If youíre looking for ways to help you improve training intensity in the gym, look no further because right now weíll be providing you with 5 helpful tips to help you ramp up the intensity like never before.

Focus Ė Ok, it may be easier said than done, but if possible, try to focus your mind on your training when you workout, to help ensure you get the most out of each exercise, and each working set too for that matter.

Rather than letting your mind wander and thinking about other things, try to instead focus on exactly what it is that youíre doing in the gym, and what you plan on doing for the remainder of your workout.

When you perform each rep, visualise the muscles being used, visualise them contracting and squeezing, and focus on executing perfect form every time.

As soon as you stop and rest, spend your recovery time thinking about the next exercises and sets that you plan on doing.

If you can focus your mind, everything else will fall directly into place.

Listen to your favourite music Ė One thing youíll notice in pretty much all gyms you work out in, is that the second you walk in, youíll hear music blaring from their speakers on a relatively high volume.

The problem here is that sometimes it can actually be counterproductive.

We know how beneficial it can be to listen to music, yet the main issue here is that not everybody has the same taste in music.

For example, in commercial gyms youíre likely to have cheesy pop songs on, or tracks from the radio, which you may absolutely hate.

If, for example, you find that thrash metal gets you fired up, the chances of you finding a gym that plays thrash metal are very slim indeed.

Never fear, however, because instead, what you can do is simply download music to your phone, iPod, or MP4/4 player, and listen to it through your headphones, as loudly as you like.

The music will get you fired up and will get your blood pumping, which is what makes music one of the most effective tools to help improve training intensity in the gym.

Make everything a contest Ė Another great way of helping to ramp up the intensity is to try to make everything a contest, and constantly competes with yourself.

For example, if youíre performing bench presses, set yourself a reachable, yet testing target of a certain amount of reps, or weight, and donít stop until you reach your target.

For your next set, try to go one better, and so on.

The same principle can be applied for your workouts in general as well.

Instead of trying to lift the same weights, and performing the same number of reps every single week, instead, focus on bettering yourself and beating your previous best, no matter what.

Even if you just perform one extra rep, or lift 4lbs more, youíre still progressing and are focussing on progressing, which, by default, will also boost training intensity pretty dramatically.

Train with a partner Ė Sometimes itís nice to train alone, but it simply canít be denied that training with a workout partner can provide a number of benefits, particularly for anybody looking to improve training intensity.

A partner will not only help to add a little bit of a competitive edge to your training, a partner will also help to motivate you and push you that little bit harder.

If youíre working your way through a set, yet feel like your muscles are on fire and as if you canít do another rep, rather than letting you quit, a partner will motivate you, scream encouragement at you, and can, if needed, even help you with a couple of forced reps in the process.

Training with a partner will bring out the best in both of you, and that will show both in your training, and in your physique as well.

Follow high intensity-based workouts Ė Some training programs and routines are specially cater for individuals looking to improve training intensity, and actually require you to train intensely with every workout.

Dorian Yates for example, a former Mr Olympia, was renowned for his high intensity style of training in which he would slowly lower the weight down on the negative part of the lift, and then explode upwards on the positive part of the lift, which in turn would then recruit more fast-twitch muscle fibres, thus helping to stimulate greater muscle contraction and growth.

Even HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions for your cardio will benefit you greatly.

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