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With the world recession now going on for over ten years many more people are simply not able to afford going to a local gym anymore. There are others that prefer to work alone and not sweat with strangers, which has contributed to the countless home gyms all over the world.

With just a little innovation and creativity you can create a home gym with very little expense and do an effective workout that will get you to achieve your specific objective with just a little discipline and planning. The first thing you will need is space, which could be in your living room or your garage.

The space that you will need is around 100 square feet or 10 X 10 plus you could invest in a few dumbbells which if you purchased new would be around $0.50 per pound or resistance bands for $10 and a stability ball for around $30. It would certainly help if you also had an adjustable bench so that you can change the angles and give you more options.

If you have never trained before then you are going to need a plan that you can follow. This plan, program or routine should consist of doing 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions, which you should do twice a week at the very least. You need to always make sure that you warm up correctly in order to avoid injury.

The basic ingredient for any good training that you do is to control the weight at all times. That means no momentum when you do any movement, whether it is with your own bodyweight or with weights in your hands. Breathe out when doing the concentric move, raising the weight and breathe in when doing the eccentric move, lowering the weight of each repetition.

Below is a list of exercises that you can do without having any weights or even a bench, you just need some time and some discipline to get it done. Getting fit and stronger is a process and not a destination so you need to concentrate on the regularity or routine of training at least twice a week.

The first move is a squat, which is a compound, exercise because it uses more than one muscle group at the same time. First find a chair to sit on and then looking straight ahead learn your chest forward and stand up. That is a squat and you should do free standing reps with your arms straight in front of you.

The second movement is the push-up, which works the chest, shoulders and triceps all at the same time. You can increase the resistance when you get stronger by lifting your straight legs onto a chair. As with all movements you first need to see how many you can do, so you need to do as many reps as you can until you fail.

The third movement are for your quads and your butt and they are called lunges. Keeping your stomach tight and your back straight you step forward with your right foot. The step should be at least one meter but the farther you lung the more effective the exercise will be.

An alternative to the lunge is the standing lung where you stand upright and step one leg back until the front quad is parallel to the floor. If you do this movement correctly your back knee should be half an inch from the floor. There is an alternative movement for any exercise you just need to be a little creative.

For example letís say you want to isolate your shoulders and you have no equipment and no dumbbells. There are many different options to choose from but here are two with the first being the inverted shoulder press which is done by doing a handstand while leaning against a wall. The same effect can be got by doing a push-up and lifting your backside in the air so that your feet are closer to your hands, then do push-ups and you will be doing a military press for the deltoids.

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