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How To Gain Muscle Weight Fast

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When starting to gain muscle weight for the first time you need to first take a look at your basic genetic makeup or your somatotype as this will guide in the right direction when starting training. For example if you are tall and thin and cannot eat enough to put on weight then training with weights will add good quality weight to your frame.

Having a fast metabolism or a slow metabolism will indicate how you should train but when the objective is to gain muscle then you need to get stronger as muscle comes with strength. After you have established what your predominant somatotype is you should learn The Big Four.

To gain muscle weight you need to gain strength and to gain strength you need the basics which are the big four compound movements. A compound movement is an exercise or movement that uses more than one joint to perform correctly.

The big four compound movements that will increase both your core strength as well as your functional strength are squats, deadlift, bench-press and shoulder press. You should train four times a week and train one of these movements every time you train.

Additional exercises once you have completed your main movement should be isolated exercises for the body-parts that do these movements. For example after squats you would do some leg curls or lunges. You could do triceps extensions after you have completed your bench-press etc.

You should train with a high intensity when you train which means that you need to get tired and that means resting as little time as possible between sets. This will make you a little weaker as you are training when you are still recovering from the previous set, however it has been proven to be the most effective way to gain strength.

It all has to do with the hormone surge that training with high intensity will do, the increase surge of testosterone into your system will automatically make you stronger. You need to be patient however as it will not happen over-night, the answer is progressive resistance as you slowly increase the weights you are training with.

Training with good technique or form is vitally important in order to avoid injury. You should start of doing 3 sets of 6 to 12 reps each. Start off by selecting a weight that you can do 12 reps with and then reduce the rest period so that you can squeeze out only 6 or 8 reps on the last set.

You should always try to lift the weight as explosively as possible and a good way to do this is to give yourself a minute and see how many reps you can do with perfect form in one minute. This will get you to understand the difference between a normal lift and an explosive lift.

If you are just starting out training for the first time you should not train to the point of failure and rather concentrate on your form and finding the ‘groove.’ That means selecting a weight that whatever your target is in a set that you will be strong enough at the end of the set to complete the rep with good form.

You need to always make sure that you are cycling your workouts, which means that you should never train the same body-part in two consecutive workouts. It is recommended that you do your pushing movement in one workout like doing chest, triceps and then pulling movements the next day doing back and biceps with the third day being legs before you rest for a day.

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