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Elite Female Athlete Training

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Elite training for female athletes is something that is very sport specific when it comes to the actual training that is done. For example the extreme sport of rock climbing and snowboarding is very specific and the training that was done by these athletes in order to improve their performance when competing had to be very specific.

A female rock climber found that using weight training to improve the strength of her grip was something that improved her ability and was able to show a measurable difference in her performance when competing. The specificity of training when it concerns elite female athletes is something that is being continually researched.

It was discovered that when female gymnasts did additional weight training in order to help their performance it also had a measurable difference to their competitive performance however the continued use of high intensity training also revealed evidence of a reduced growth as well as some delayed maturation which was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

It should be noted here that with according to an article that was later published by Baxter-Jones that the cause-effect relationship that was shown between specific female gymnastics training and any inadequate growth in certain girls has not been shown.

The cause and effect of women using weight training to improve performance in many different sports with elite athletes has shown to be highly effective in many different women that were studied. The results showed conclusively that the increase in the core strength of an athlete remains significant when using weight training.

It was shown that doing basic compound movements improved the strength of athletes significantly resulting in a general improvement of performance times as well as the scores achieved by these athletes showing that training with weights made a difference.

It is with the careful implementation of adding weight training at very specific times to the athletes program that produced results that were measurable and could be seen. The weight training was not simply randomly added to the athletes program, it was very specific and the weight training was done three times a week.

The use of isolated movements has not been done yet but will be added in time to see if this may add a difference when specific movements will be added so that measurable results can be seen. It is only when no added benefit is seen that these isolated movements will be added.

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