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Complex Training Program

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When talking about complex training we first need to define what complex training is and why it came about. We all know that training with weights can definitely improve performance for sprinters or jumpers and throwers however training with weights will not improve the rate of the force exerted which is the speed at which the force is generated.

When you do a squat for example it only takes about 400 msec to develop the rate of force required to push the weight back up to the top, however when a sprinter runs it only requires about 90 msec to get to maximum force so there is not enough time when doing a squat to improve this.

All complex training is when you do a workout that comprises a resistance exercise that is immediately followed by a similar plyometric exercise like doing squats and the going straight to squat jumps or going from a bench-press to a plyometric press up.

This ‘complex training’ is based on the simple logic that the resistance work done like squats will get the central nervous system (CNS) to fully function leaving the important explosive muscles called the Type IIb muscle fibres available for any explosive exercise.

When training a complex training program it is recommended by the experts that no stretching is done as this will relax the muscle and reduce the amount of force production available. Training a complex routine requires quality and not quantity and it all has to do with the attitude that you approach this type of workout, always trying to do the movements as explosively as possible with good form.

Below is an example that can be used for a complex training program. You need to make sure that a normal weight training movement like bench-press is followed immediately by a plyometric movement like a Medicine ball chest pass.

Exercise Reps Rest/Exercise
Squats 3 X 6 2 min
Drop Jumps 3 × 6
Bench-press 3 X 6 2 min
Plyometric press up 3 × 6
Barbell Lunge 3 X 6 2 min
Box Jumps 3 × 6

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