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Martial Arts Strength Training Program

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Bill Reynolds Martial Arts Workout

"All phases of the Martial Arts have been become very popular recently as a result of massive magazine, movie and television exposure. Judo enthusiasts have long been interested in weight training as an adjunct to their specific judo training. Recently however, participants in all Martial Arts have been turning to progressive resistance exercise to strengthen subpar muscles and improve performance. Here is a whole-body type of weight training program suitable for Martial Arts participants." Bill Reynolds, Complete Weight Training Book - 1976.

Exercise 	          Sets 	Reps 	Men* 	Women*
1. Clean and Press        1 	12-15 	45% 	35%
2. Leg Press 	          3 	15-20 	100% 	80%
3. Leg Curl               2 	15-20 	20% 	15%
4. Stiff-leg Deadlift     2 	8-12 	60% 	50%
5. Lat Pulldown 	  3 	12-15 	50% 	40%
6. Dumbbell Bench Press   3 	8-12 	50% 	40%
7. Upright Rowing 	  2 	8-12 	40% 	30%
8. Military Press         2 	8-12 	40% 	30%
9. Seated Dumbbell Curl   2 	8-12 	35% 	25%
10. Lat Pressdown         2 	8-12 	35% 	25%
11. Wrist Curl 	          2 	20-30 	35% 	25%
12. Donkey Calf Raise   3-5 	20-30 	100% 	80%
13. Sidebend 	          1 	25-100 	10% 	10%
14. Twisting              1 	25-100 	10% 	10%
15. Situps 	          1 	25-100 	--- 	---

*Indicates the percentage of body weight that you should use for your initial training weights. Adjust your training weights for each exercise up or down from there.

About Bill Reynolds

Bill Reynolds "Complete Weight Training Book" was published almost thirty years ago in 1976. Reynolds, by the time the book came out was already an accomplished author, having written more the 100 weight training related articles for various publications. Bill became passionate about weight training after seeing how it much it helped him realize his full potential as an athlete.

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