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Boxing Weight Training Workouts

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What is a classic boxing workout?

We all know and highly respect the fitness ability of boxers and have done so for many generations. The ability of a boxer to produce the anaerobic power of force along with the combined fitness to continue for 15 rounds is completely astonishing for anyone who knows how tough it is to train like this.

It takes a combination of cardiovascular fitness training together with the anaerobic development of raw power which comes from weight training correctly. We will be looking at a few tips to increase your ability to deliver that “knockout punch” that comes from harnessing this power.

Let’s first look at Anaerobic fitness which is the fitness system that uses carbohydrates to generate short-term, high intensity work, will improve as muscles become adept at sustaining an all-out effort, due to greater lactic-acid-handling abilities (lactic-acid is a by-product of anaerobic metabolism and will prematurely curtail a sustained effort if it cannot be processed efficiently).

In order to train for this power one needs to use movements which lend themselves to the generating of force (pushing type movements for example), and which replicate actual boxing techniques or motions the arms will make during the extension phase of the punch.

Below is a brief description of two exercises that you can do to develop the power for that knockout punch which excludes the obvious ones like bench-press and shoulder-press. It is however important to complete each of these movements with maximal force, as this will, more effectively, develop power.

The first exercise is the Dumbbell Uppercut and doing this exercise also provides the added bonus of developing stability, as the body is momentarily thrown off balance during the execution of the movement. It then follows that the leg muscles responsible for uppercut power will strengthen also.

1. Begin by standing in fighting stance while holding a 1 - 5kg (depending on how strong you are) dumbbell in the hand of the upper cutting arm - then begin with the left arm.

2. Adopt the uppercut stance (basically fighting stance with elbows dipped toward the hip).

3. Execute uppercut, with weight and complete three sets of 10-15 repetitions, with 1-minute rest between sets.

Upon completing set with left arm, switch to right arm. Do not turn to southpaw stance if the conventional stance is natural for you, and vice versa.

The last exercise we will discuss here is the Straight Punching with a weight or dumbbell. This will build strength (the ability of the body to withstand a sustained workload) and power in the shoulders primarily, while secondarily stressing the arms and chest.

1. Stand with arms at sides holding two-five kg dumbbells.

2. Bring arms up, so palms of hands are facing sides of face.

3. Push arms out in a punching motion (one arm at a time).

4. Complete three sets of 10-to-15 repetitions, with 1-minute rest between sets.

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