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Whey Protein Before
Or After Weight Lifting

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Whey protein has proved that it is not only an effective milk protein but the quality of the protein has all the 9 essential amino acids required. It comes in many different forms but for the fastest absorption a shake or smoothie is recommended.

Taking whey protein can be done at any time of the day however to get the best measurable results you should take it half an hour before you start training. The slow release of the complex carb of the milk together with the protein will give you a slowly rising sugar level.

Training effectively is all about intensity and if your blood sugar is slowly rising as you train you will feel stronger for longer when you have a whey powder shake digesting in you. Drinking water during your workout while you train for less than an hour is required.

The best time to take your whey protein shake again would be in what science calls the nutrient window of 90 minutes after your workout. The 90 minutes after your hard training is when your system is going to require extra protein for the rebuilding and protein synthesis after your workout.

If you are lactose deficient or you are on a very sever calorie restriction then you can also purchase whey protein isolate or whey protein concentrate from a health store. You will still get the full quality of whey protein but without the extra calories added.

The international Whey Protein Institute has said that in order to calculate how much protein you require you simply multiply your bodyweight by 0.8 and the answer will be how many grams of protein you should eat every day.

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