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Creatine vs Kre Alkalyn

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If you are not aware of the well proven benefits of taking creatine on a regular basis then you may be living under a rock somewhere in outer space. When creatine came onto the market it was the most successful athletic supplement that has ever been released to the public in history.

But the research continued and many different variations started coming onto the market saying that the creatine monohydrate had absorption problems as most of it is destroyed by the stomach acid. Other problems were identified such as the production of the toxic by-product called creatinine when creatine is used in the body.

A product called Kre-Alkalyn was then launched which claimed to solve these problems. The result was that there have now been a number of different studies done to examine the truth about these claims. Although there are various different results from these studies the bottom line is that Kre-Alkalyn will get slightly better results.

As mentioned above the manufacturers of Kre-Alkalyn claim that the buffered creatine will offer improved safety because of the reduced conversion into the useless toxin called creatinine. Some studies showed that this was not true at all but some discovered that this was in fact true.

The point is that the taking of creatine which has very few shown side effects is something that will improve your results that you get from doing weight training on a regular basis. The use of Kre-Alkalyn is something that will be less harmful in the long run as the side effect profile seems to be more acceptable.

Just like your recovery and your nutrition that you get every day will make a difference to your results, taking creatine in whatever form will only get you results if you do it consistently and at the correct time in your day. No loading of Kre-Alkalyn is required unlike taking creatine monohydrate, which requires a loading of at least a week.

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