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Sports Injuries Prevention and Treatment

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Injury prevention when playing a sport is something that should be considered before you start the sport. The playing of any sport requires the focus and concentration both physically and mentally so it is important to warm up physically as well as to psyche up mentally for the event.

Depending of the type of sport you are playing you will need to make sure that you always use the required gear for your sport, which could include things like helmets, pads or sunglasses or gloves or layered clothing depending on the sport.

Warming up is a vitally important part when playing any sport but if the sport that you are playing requires quick, dynamic movements, like when you play a sport such as basketball or soccer then your warm up that you do is even more important.

If you play a sport like tennis or baseball or golf which involve a constant repetitive stress to your upper extremities then you need to make sure that you are performing the movement correctly which usually requires guidance from a qualified expert or instructor.

You always need to listen to your body which means that if you have any pain there is a good reason so you need to stop or slow down what you are doing if you feel any pain. It is a good idea to cross train which means doing exercises that are unrelated to your sport so that you gain overall fitness and strength.

If you or someone that you are playing with suffers from an acute injury like a strain or pull, you should immediately stop the activity that caused the injury and use the R.I.C.E. method, which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Rest will prevent further injury and will allow healing.

Ice will stop swelling. It constricts injured blood vessels and limits the bleeding in the injured area.

Compression further limits swelling and supports the injured joint.

Elevation uses gravity to reduce swelling in the injured area by reducing blood flow.

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