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Groin Pain After Weight Lifting

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Groin pain from training with weights is unfortunately more common than it should be. Although you may have some weakness in the groin area, which is, where the lower torso meets the legs and extends to the upper thighs. Most groin strains that occur in the gym are when a person lets their ego take over and they lift a weight that is too heavy.

Groin strain can also be caused by over training, which is why your core power of your strength is part of the Chi that you are calling when you lift a heavy weight. If that is weakened because of lack of rest between workouts then it could also result in a groin strain.

Your groin muscle is directly connected to all your strength you require from doing the "big four" compound movements plus movements like cleans and lunges that we all do. However even using your legs incorrectly can be the cause of a groin injury, however the point is that it is often the ego that causes a weight to be lifted that is too heavy.

If you are training that heavy then you should have a spotter so that you can easily recognize failure. The experts seem to all agree that most groin injuries can be avoided with the correct approach to weight training. It seems stupid to alter your chances at gaining muscle because you want to push the river. Building quality muscle that lasts takes time.

The advantage of doing a warm up correctly before you start to really push the envelope is something that has proven to be effective in preventing groin injuries. A groin injury is very painful when it happens and it should be treated with ice initially plus rest.

There are various degrees of a groin strain as one can actually tear the muscle and it could rupture, which would require immediate surgery. However a mild groin strain is more likely what you see at the gym sitting under a weight that is far too heavy.

One needs to approach weight training or bodybuilding with a long-term view and working progressive resistance. You will only cause an injury to yourself if you let your enthusiasm for building muscle out rule your common sense as straining on a weight that is too heavy can only come from someone who does not respect the law of progressive resistance.

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