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Renegade Training Workout

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The Renegade training workout is certainly not for the feint-hearted as it was developed by John Davies to create a mind-set and a physical preparedness where victory is the ONLY option. The Renegade training has now spread across the world like wild-fire and he continues to be a valuable asset to many top NFL teams and many top athletes.

From the outset John has said that the hard-core warrior attitude is the only way to approach any athletic endeavour. The main objective when producing a top class athlete is to create someone who can compete on the field of play with a lot more explosive speed and power.

John explains that when the athlete starts playing with this advantage he or she will be able to completely dictate the ebb and flow of the game and achieve victory. He breaks this down to very practical guidance in the development of specialized skills, which over time become easier when the correct training is done.

John created what he calls the Renegade Wheel of Conditioning which is a wheel that describes the very specific spokes which include the measurement and development of your drive and determination as well as the athlete’s total commitment.

It includes the range of motion as well as static and dynamic range of motion which are qualities that can be measured and quantified. The wheel includes the quantification of linear speed as well as all the different forms of strength and obviously the work threshold, which is something that can easily be measured.

The last spoke of the wheel is the sport specific skill that an athlete already has as well as what needs to be developed and trained. If there is a weakness or inefficiency the wheel will turn slower so the objective is to get all these spokes at an equal level in order to create a very powerful and explosive athlete who is extremely fast.

John explains that when an athlete starts to train for any ‘test’ that might be done to see whether he or she will be a valued competitor they will lose as he says there is no bench-press brought onto the field of play and he requires an athlete to perform and not just lift weights.

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