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Supersets For Muscle Mass And Strength

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Training with supersets is something that can get complicated as you stress your body beyond the point of failure. However there are some important requirements that are needed before you embark on this advanced technique of building muscle.

The first prerequisite when starting to use the many different superset formats that there are is that you have already reached a point in your training where you have gained a few pounds of muscle and have been training on a regular basis for over a year.

The second is your daily nutrition and the diet you eat and that you have a basic understanding of how you can structure your muscle building diet by knowing how to measure your daily protein, carb and fat intake. The third is your lifting form that you use so that there is no momentum used or bouncing.

The fourth requirement is that you have already managed to increase your strength as this will indicate that you know how to push yourself when you train with weights. If you do not know how to push yourself and get results from progressive resistance then doing an advanced technique like supersets will not help you.

The fifth and last point is your persistence and your routine as missing workouts on a regular basis will mean that you need to re-examine your motivation before you are able to gain benefit from training with supersets as no magic training will help you if you are not training at least 3 times a week.

We cannot go into the specific different supersets that that you can slowly add to your training routine as this article will turn into a book so we will just list some of these training techniques that have proven themselves to work very effectively over the years.

The list below showing the various different superset methods of training all require a detailed explanation on how to work the superset and how to monitor your progress. All of this information is freely available online and would therefore require some research on your part.

It is recommended by the experts that you select only one and then do it consistently for at least a month before you change to another one so that you can effectively monitor your progress and know how your body is responding to this new intensity or stress that you are putting on your body.

Rep Tempo 	Pre-Exhaustion
Supersets 	Post-Exhaustion
Trisets 	Drop Sets
Giant Sets 	Cluster Sets
Burn Sets 	Negative Reps
Forced Reps 	Slow Negatives
Partial Reps 	Rest Pause Training

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