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Rest Pause Training For Strength

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Most professional bodybuilders know that in order to continue adding muscle they need to constantly vary their workouts. The different methods range from drop sets to German Volume Training and the list is endless. Something that was developed by bodybuilders using a powerlifting formula is Rest Pause Training.

It is a simple method of using the maximum amount of weight in your sets by resting 10 to 15 seconds between reps and not between sets. It makes sense that lifting 200 pounds in bench-press for 5 reps or lifting 250 pounds for 5 reps with a 10 second break will produce more muscle.

The stronger you are the more muscle you will get and power-lifters use a weight that they can lift only once but they then take a 2 or 3 minute rest. The difference here is that the rest period is much shorter while still increasing the amount of weight that you can press.

Top professional bodybuilders like Mike Mentzer swear by this type of training and have attributed all their muscle gains from using rest/pause training. It needs to be added here that this type of training is not for beginners who have been training for less than a year.

It is advised by the experts that this type of high intensity training should not be done continuously for weeks on end as you should use it to break through a training plateau for a couple of weeks and then try your normal routine. After doing it for a few weeks you will see that this rest/pause training has increased your strength considerably.

One could also use rest/pause training for doing isolated movements but you will get better and faster overall strength gains by using it with all the major compound movements. Using this type of training to blast through a training plateau you might have with an isolated movement is also an option however.

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