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Athlete Training Myths

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Over the years there have unfortunately been many different ‘myths’ created amongst groups of trainers or gyms who have been misinformed and will therefore never reach their genetic potential. We will take just 3 basic myths that are going around and explain why they are simply a load of BS.

Myth #1: "You should train movements, not muscles."

If you have had any experience in building strength or muscle then you will know that you can increase the weight that you can bench-press by increasing the strength of your triceps for example. Our bodies are built to survive and naturally take the path of least resistance we are not born to bench with 500 pounds or squat with 1000 pounds, it comes from adaptation.

We therefore should always try to only focus on the prime movers when doing any action that is crucial to improve athletic performance. From movements like running, jumping, or simply hitting a baseball, if the function of the muscles can be improved then the athlete will improve.

Myth #2: "Single-joint movements are useless for athletes."

This is obviously just BS when we consider the improvement of strength needing the help of supporting muscles. Sometimes isolating the weakness is not so easy but there are countless exercises that we can select from in order to identify a more isolated movement to get to a specific weak link we are focusing on.

Myth #3: "Olympic lifts and plyometrics are necessary to improve rate of force development."

This is something that many different strength coaches seem to miss the mark as the rate of force that is developed is always going to be very movement-specific that involves a combination of many different factors such as reaction time, flexibility, maximal strength, coordination, as well as the familiarity with the movement.

One could easily look at these qualities required to improve the rate of force are genetic qualities that we are either born with or not. Things like coordination and your ability to react with speed is your hand-eye coordination that are the most untrainable qualities that an athlete needs to succeed.

It is all about the correct isolation of a movement and the eccentric strength of antagonist muscles is something that is going to limit the ability of all prime movers to be able to produce the required speed and power. A pitcher in baseball will throw more often and with a higher rate of force if he strengthens his external rotators in his shoulder.

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