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Why Strength Training
Is Important For Athletes

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Over the last 30 years strength training has proved itself to improve an athlete's performance and there are many different examples of this. Probably the most obvious example is to use American football which shows that the average football lineman used to weigh 250 pounds and could run a 40-yard dash in 5.2 seconds but today a lineman weighing exactly the same can run a 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds.

The simple reason is weight training on a regular basis that doing specific conditioning programs in order to better prepare for the competitive rigors of an athletic season. It was not long ago that coaches thought that any strength training would cause an athlete to become muscle-bound which they felt would be counterproductive when trying to improve technique.

But today things have turned around completely as coaches all over the world realize that in order to improve any athletes competitive performance weight training is required. Studies done on this subject have proven that in order to make a ‘big play’ complete conditioning is required. With over 600 muscles in the body the power of the contraction is directly related to overall strength.

The stronger your muscles are the more forceful the contraction will be plus there will be less injuries, all of this has now been well proven. The diminished injuries recorded are because of the increase in strength adds an increase in the strength of all connective tissue, resulting in a lot less injuries generally.

This is achieved because of the strengthening of the muscle attachments as well as an increase in the bone density where the origin and insertion connect to the bone. The overall result is that the athlete who trains with weights on a regular basis will outperform the athlete that does not train with weights.

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