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15 Minute Weight Lifting Workout

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There are many different types of high intensity weight lifting routines that you can do to get results fast. However if one has to select the best of these 15 minute workouts the prize would have to go to the Escalating Density Training (EDT) that was first put forward by Charles Stanley.

It works and itís quick which meet all the requirements and it is basically done by working your opposing muscle groups without counting reps. The sets are measured in time and not reps or the weight that you lift. You will be training the opposite muscle while working the agonist and therefore be constantly building up the intensity.

One should start this by selecting a weight that you could do 20 reps with without stopping. You then complete 10 reps of this movement and resting as short a time as possible before doing 10 reps of the opposing muscle group like doing bench-press and then deadlift.

You would then continue training like this without taking a break for 15 minutes. Doing this on a regular basis is progressive so you will be able to put on muscle mass as you start to get stronger and add some more weight. Below are a few examples of movements that work well together.

Day 1 - Front Squat/Seated Cable Row
Day 2 - Dumbbell Bench Press/Seated Cable Row
Day 3 - Deadlift/Bench-press
Day 4 - Pull Up/Push Up

Another very effective way to get good results from only 15 minutes is to combine movements using a barbell. So you would start with a barbell that you power clean the bar to your shoulders. You then do a front squat before going directly into push press.

But instead of dropping the barbell to your chest, which you would do after being in a fully extended portion after the push press you should rather just lower the bar to the back of your head, resting the barbell on your lower traps or the back of your shoulders. When in this position you can do a normal back squat.

After completing the squat you would then be able to do military press or behind the neck pressing movement. You would then finish the movement by going back to the push press with the barbell at your upper chest level. The total of all these movements would be one rep.

If you complete just two reps of this and then immediately go to chin-ups or pull-ups and superset them with push-ups you will get to 15 minutes before you know how tired you really are. You should start the chin-push-up combination with 12 reps and see how you do.

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