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PHA Kettlebell Workout

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PHA stands for Peripheral Hear Action and it a creative way of getting results fast without getting bored of doing cardio. You can walk into any gym in the world and take a look at people doing cardio in an aerobics class or on a treadmill or stair-master and if you come back a month later you will see that none of these people have made any noticeable progress in fat-loss.

When training the PHA way you are getting a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout that will help you burn fat for 72 hours after your session and you WILL get results. Obviously if you eat correctly while you are doing PHA training your results will happen quicker.

The principal of PHA training is certainly not new and has been around since circuit training first started with the boom in the fitness industry in the early 80ís. According to John McCallum who is a well-known author on training and sports science PHA will dramatically increase blood circulation without congesting the muscles so that the blood gets pumped through your muscles and not into the muscles like weight training does.

The results that you get from PHA training include fat-loss, increased muscular endurance as well as a radical increase in strength if the program is only done twice a week in combination with heavy 5 X 5 training. PHA is effective as well as progressive so that you will never get bored.

It is simple blood pooling that makes your heart rate rise as doing compound movements one after another without taking a break will NOT burn the most calories per minute during your workout but the benefit for using excess fat as energy after your workout will get results.

When starting with PHA one should set a manageable target with the amount of rest you take between movements so that you can start reducing this rest period as you progress and get fitter and stronger. Sports science has studied this concept extensively and come up with a basic beginner program that you can do at home or in any gym.

The beginner program needs room for an improvement once you are able to do 5 rounds with only a minutes rest between rounds. So the workouts are set in two groups that make it progressive. The first group of exercises should be done 5 times with a minimal rest between movements.

VERY few beginners can push through this for the first time so you will need to test your ability and how much rest you should take between movements which are all done with correct form and no momentum is used. Below is the list of the first group of exercises.

Group #1.
Dumbbell Clean & Military Press 6 reps
Dumbbell Squat 10 reps
Weighted Pull-ups 6 reps
One-Arm Dumbbell Swing 10 reps (left and right)
Slow and Controlled Sit-Ups 10 reps (4 seconds up & 4 seconds down)

The objective is to concentrate on reducing your rest time between movements. You can start with anything from 2 to 3 minutes between movements but keep a record so that you can always improve and reduce your rest period by a few seconds on each workout.

If and when you get to be able to complete 5 rounds of the above circuit with only a minute rest before starting the next round then you will be ready for the advanced. Below you will see what the sports scientists have come up with when you are starting to get results and want to take it to the next level.

Group #2.
Incline Dumbbell Press 6 reps
Barbell Squat 8 reps
Barbell Bent-Over Rows 6 reps
Stiff-Legged Deadlift 8 reps
Hanging Leg Raise 8 reps

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